The Still Life Series

I always felt like I could not draw.  Confirming this fact was that I was asked to drop a college drawing class because the instructor did not want to ruin my GPA. Many years later, I decided that I wanted to try again and take a drawing class.  I mentioned this to my son Ross who was in college at Boston University at the time.  He didn’t think that I needed to take a class. He thought I just needed to practice.  I wanted to be able to draw flowers and I wanted to  be accountable  to someone.  He decided he would be that person and sent me a picture of flowers every day and music to listen to while I drew.  When I pulled out my pencil and paper for the first one I was so tense and stressed.  The second day I decided to draw on fabric with ink blocks since I am very comfortable with fabric.  I had no problems and felt very confident! I created so many drawings on fabric that I decided to make a series of art quilts with them inspired by the colors and compositions of Matisse. The process kept me connected to my son while he was away at school.  

This series was the first of many times that my son Ross and I have collaborated.


Working abstractly allows me to freely play with texture and color, composing each in a process of fabric jazz.


“She is an intuitive artist, an advocate for others’ rights and of course, always glamorous”

Love Ya!

Mom mom is an inspiration to all. In her three careers as a Registered Nurse, Realtor and a Family Law Attorney, she shined and was a dynamic role model, speaking to woman about being strong and independent and changing careers late in life. As a mom and grandmother to nine, she is always loving and generous and continues with her enthusiasm for life and love of her family. She is an intuitive artist, an advocate for others’ rights and of course, always glamorous. She continues to attract a following with her humor and magnetic personality. She has a passion for fresh flowers. Her faithful rescue dog Jack is always by her feet. Love ya!


Heal The Dog

In this work I was thinking about _____. Techniques that influenced me include ______ and ______.

Love the Dress You’re In

I wore this dress to one of my favorite family functions ever. It meant so much to me that I reimagined it into this art quilt

Diaphanous Sunset

The whole time I was working on this quilt I was thinking about _____. I chose to work in details of hand embroidery because _________.

Collaborations with my son, the artist Ross Bucher

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This video is about the wildly fun technique that Ross and I pioneered together, Sock Dancing!