Laurie Bucher is a fiber/textile artist who grew up on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. After college, Laurie explored the country, living in such locations as the Washington DC area, New York, Monterey and Silicon Valley. She and her husband returned to the Peninsula in 2001 to raise their two children. During this process, Laurie served for seven years as a docent for the Cornerstone Elementary School Art At Your Fingertips (AAYF) program, and also as a docent for the Art Trek program. Laurie's passion is sewing; she is an active member of Quilts on the Wall, a group of Southern California artists who educate the public on quilts as an art medium through their own quilts and other initiatives. Laurie is focused on spreading her passion for the fiber arts to the youth population. Towards that goal, she enjoys working with children to inspire them to apply the creative process and express themselves artistically. Laurie was the artist for “Combine Creation” project that was done with over 7,000 students with AAYF in 2013. Laurie was chosen to participate in “The Power of Art Program”in Washington DC, which is a partnership with The Lab School and the Rauschenberg Foundation.  Laurie graduated from UCLA with a bachelor of arts in Design and is a resident of Rancho Palos Verdes.